Skateboarding's Finest!

Welcome to the Backyard Party

The Backyard Party started as a local mini ramp/bowl competition back in 2007. It is now an international event, an indoor skatepark and a boutique. Thanks to all the supporters over the years!

  • Mercier strikes again! This bowl is amazing and the location and vibe is perfect.
    Oli Van Roost, Bruxe Design
  • Build it and they will come!!! Hands down one of Montreal's best indoor bowls of all time!!! Huge congrats to Eric Mercier and his team!!!
    Raj Mehra, Mehrathon Trading
  • Bowls are great for being able to just cruise around and have fun. After a shitty day at work, skating BYP last night put a smile on my face.
    Ri Abderrahmane, Exposé Magazine